E&H Integrated Systems

From mobile to social to the cloud, the past decade has introduced amazing new possibilities for small businesses everywhere. However, many of those groundbreaking capabilities have been accompanied by frightening new threats. The face of cyber threats is changing every day, and protecting your business against the prevalent threats of years ago isn’t enough. You need new layers of defense to mitigate new vulnerabilities, as well as vigilant employees who can identify potential risks as they occur. The nature of those risks can be unexpected, so instinct alone can’t be your mainline of defense. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. E&H Integrated Systems can help you protect your data, your customers and business. In fact, E&H recommends creating a Technology Plan with our certified security engineers to create a list of the most surprising security threats right now and to keep your business running.

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Technology Plan

  • Use the Cloud for anything 
  • Back everything up, everywhere
  • Secure all backups
  • Ensure your technology is safe
  • Don’t get burned by IOT
  • Keep important documents offline